A Trip to the Big City. Or Marsh Harbour.

A blow was coming on us after a few days, and we were running low on provisions, so we slid down a nice day sail to Marsh Harbour, the largest town in the Abacos with a population of around 5,000.


The harbor is nice, if shallow, and there are several nice marinas. We stayed at the Conch Inn Marina. We give it a solid thumbs-up. We paid about a buck and a quarter a foot, and the price included water, which we were getting low on and which gets pretty pricey in the Bahamas.



You can get lots of stuff in Marsh – there’s a couple of good grocery stores and some marine and auto parts places and several good hardware stores.


We happened to meet up with another cruising family while we were there – some francophone Canadians from Quebec on a 34’ sloop called Poly-n-Easy. Amazingly, our kids were all about the same age and they all hit it off swimmingly. They spent lots of time disappearing into the town, spearfishing, hanging out by the pool, doing homework, and generally living the teenage dream.



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