Hanging in Deltaville

We spent a couple of lovely days in DC with the delightful and talented Aunt Maisette, but not wanting to find ourselves like fish (stinking after three days) we left after two and turned southward to Deltaville, where our boat has been on the hard since September.


Perseverance is over on the left behind some of the other boats. Under the rainbow, appropriately enough.

We hit on D-ville by accident. We had originally planned to head all the way to Cape Fear for the storm season layup, but we dawdled down the coast and the Chesapeake – winds always out of the south, it seemed – and we started to need someplace quickish, as Hurricane Matthew was beginning to warm up on Florida. Deltaville was just the right spot at just the right time.

We’d heard of Deltaville, too, of course. There are just about three million sailboats scattered around the marinas under the trees on the peninsula here, so word gets around. Still, we were amazed. This sleepy little town – and it is a little town – has several marine canvas places, a fine sail loft, a couple of riggers, several marine fabricators, a marine cabinetry shop or three, and a substantial West Marine. Even the local True Value has an amazing selection of marine parts – which has come in very handy. More on that in a bit, because we’ve been doing lots of work.

Very nice to be back on the boat again, even if it’s up on the hard. Nice to smell salt all the time.  Nice to be cooking in our galley, nice to have the kids doing their schoolwork around the table, nice to take the occasional bike ride out to Stingray Point, so named because one of the early explorers was stung here.


Time to wind down. Tons to do in the next couple of days.


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