Sliding the Boat back in the Drink

Each time they’ve picked up our boat, the scales say that she weighs about 15,000 pounds too much, which we’re still trying to understand. At first we thought the scales on the device that lifts the boat – the Travelift – were calibrated wrong. But each time they’ve picked Perseverance up, she weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 46,000 lbs, when on the books she should weigh in at 29,000 lbs, rigged.

Still scratching our heads on this one.

Anyway, on the 30th of November she was ready to go back in, so they picked her up…


and very gently drove her back to the well…


And lowered her in just before the workday ended.


Of course, the engine wouldn’t start, so the fine folks at the marina gave us a quick tow over to her slip and we worked out the electrical connection that had been missed in the shuffle. She fired right up after that.


And the next morning, this is how she looked:


A few more odds and ends to take care of, and we’re heading south. None too soon, either, because the weather’s getting a little chillier than we’d counted on, and we packed for the tropics. Brrr.

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