Project List – (or, “Why We Were So Lucky To Wait Out Hurricane Season In A Town Devoted To Boatwork”)

Having a sailboat is a wonderful way to bring the family together, but a lot of that quality time involves cleaning the old oil out of the bilge or hanging upside down trying to reach a bolt that slipped out of your fingers and fell down into the keel well where you can’t see it.

We had Perseverance on the hard in D-Ville for just about two months, and during that time we were able to get some stuff done on her. Quite a bit, considering that we live about 8 hours away. Here’s an abridged list of projects:
We washed her and rubbed her paint out and waxed her
Woody Waxed all the metal and decks
Replaced all of the holding tank and head hoses in the aft half of the boat (unspeakably grody)
Ran 23 feet of new, reinforced engine exhaust hose
Chased down a refrigerant leak
Faired a section of the keel-hull joint
Replaced two more thru-hulls
Cleaned a few water passages
Replaced and rewired redundant bilge pumps
Had two helicoils put in to stop a chronic oil leak
Got the Headsail cleaned and repaired
Installed an arch
Installed solar panels
Rewired the house battery bank and an inverter
Rewired the windlass
Rewired some other stuff
Thought about how many other projects we need to get done
And this last one is the one that stays with you when you splash the boat again. Still, she’s solid, and by a little after Thanksgiving we’re ready to head south.


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