Holidays in the Oldest Town

We’ve spent a good deal of time in St Augustine and we just love it there. The city dates to 1565, making it the oldest town in the US, and it has a wonderful downtown with old Spanish architecture and narrow pedestrian streets.


Great place to spend Christmas and to provision up and to see friends.

No trip to St Augustine would be complete without a stop or two or three at Sailor’s Exchange on King St, about 20 minutes walking from the municipal marina. Sailors Ex is a combination chandlery and old boat rummage sale and they have just about everything a sailor could want, new and used. The fine folks there set us up with a new masthead light (needed after that tangle with the bridge in SC) (Damn!), a huge backup Danforth anchor, some hefty circuit breakers for our inverter system, assorted nuts and bolts and blocks, and an old sextant that Annika had her eyes on because she wants to learn navigation.
We also had a new primary anchor sent to us in St Augustine, a Mantus to replace a CQR we’d had to cut loose on the bottom at Morehead City.


Our friends Richard and Wendy let us have the huge package delivered to their house, and as they weren’t using their home on Christmas day they let us spend the day at their place on the beach. We got to have a super dinner with them a few days later, when the package arrived. Great folks.



Left to right, above: Annika, Richard, Random, Random, Schuyler, Dog, Random, Dog, Mimi, Steph, Wendy.

Gotta love this bird, too. He knew he belonged here more than we do.


After a week it was time to press on, so on New Years Eve we let go the mooring ball and headed back out again bound for Ft Pierce and getting in place to finally cross the Gulf Stream.


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